A Women's Conference at Freedomfest

Named for Rose Wilder Lane, one of three women who launched the modern American libertarian movement, the Wilder Summit at FreedomFest is a conference track focused on women-centric issues, specifically with an emphasis on challenges women face on a local and global scale.

Dozens of amazing women leaders will be highlighted in keynote speeches, panel discussions, and breakout sessions throughout FreedomFest. Then, on Saturday, women’s issues will be addressed in the brand new Wilder Summit conference track.

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KeyNote Speakers

How African Nations could Leapfrog into the top ranks of economic freedom

Magatte Wade

Hostages No More

The Fight For Education Freedom and the Future of the American Child

Betsy Devos

Lisa Kennedy

FreedomFest emcee

Lisa Kennedy
Fox Business Network's #1 Host

the price of money

Jo Jorgensen
2020 presidential candidate

Featuring Women's Voices in the liberty movement

Salomé Sibonix – Martha Bruno – Hannah Cox – Kerry McDonald – Gabriella Hoffman – Jennifer Grossman – Angela McArdle – Camilla Cleese – Elizabeth Nolan Brown


Free Range Parenting - School Choice - Women's Bill of Rights - Women in the Workplace - sex work - deregulating women's healthcare

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