IMPORTANT WARNING:  FreedomFest does not rent, lease or share its attendee or exhibitor list with any third-party. Any solicitations you may receive indicating that you can “buy” the FreedomFest list is NOT legitimate and part of an internet scam. Do not engage with any such offers you may receive.

You can register your staff (including exhibitors, booth staff and any speakers) using the Exhibitor Registration Form. Each pass gives full access to the entire conference. You will receive an invitation with a unique code via email after you are confirmed as an exhibitor at FreedomFest. 

Additional passes can be purchased at the discounted rate of $350 each using the link above.

Contact us at 855-850-3733 ext 203 or email [email protected] if you need your code or have other questions.

Exhibit Hall Schedule

Wednesday, July 13

9:00 am Registration and Load-In Begins
5:00 pm  Booth Set Up Must Be Complete
7:00 pm Welcome Reception and Grand Opening of the Exhibit Hall

Saturday, July 16

2:00 pm Load-out Begins
5:00 pm Booths Must Be Clear
6:00 pm Shipping Must Be Complete

Exhibit Hall Hours

Wednesday, July 13 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Thursday, July 14    8:00 am – 4:30 pm
Friday, July 15         8:00 am – 4:30 pm 
Saturday, July 16    8:00 am – 2:00 pm

Exhibit Booth Details

We have several types of exhibit spaces:

  1. Exhibit Tables (Bronze): 6ft tables with two chairs, wastebasket, grey table skirt, and ID sign. Located around the perimeter of the exhibit hall.
  2. Exhibit Booths (Silver, Gold): 8×10 booth spaces with 8′ grey skirted table, 8′ high back and 3′ side blue pipe-and-drape, two chairs, wastebasket, and ID sign.
  3. Premium Exhibit Booth (Platinum): 8×10 booth spaces with 8′ grey skirted table, 8′ high back and 3′ side blue pipe-and-drape, two chairs, wastebasket, and ID sign located at prime locations around the exhibit hall
  4. Premium Double Exhibit Booth (Diamond): 8×20 booth spaces with two 8′ grey skirted tables, 8′ high back and 3′ side blue pipe-and-drape, four chairs, wastebasket, and ID sign located at prime locations around the exhibit hall
  5. Media Row: 8×10 booth spaces with 6ft table, grey table skirt, blue back and side pipe-and-drape, two chairs, wastebasket, and ID sign located at designated Media Row around the exhibit hall and in the main foyer. Some spaces may be shared.

Please note: Booths are assigned based on a variety of factors including sponsorship level, area of expertise, time of signing, and creating a general flow to the hall. 

The entire exhibit hall space will be carpeted in blue and gold carpet. The pipe and drape for the booths will be in blue, and the table skirting will be in light grey.

Exhibit Hall Floor Plan

Once you are confirmed as a sponsor, our exhibitor services company, Shepard, will send you an invitation to the Show Kit with a username and password. For your convenience, here is the link.

If you need your username and password, email Customer Service at .

Through Shepard, exhibitors can order booth displays and furnishings, as well as arrange shipping and receiving of their materials. 

Shipping Addresses

Exhibiting Co. Name & Booth Number
FreedomFest – 2022
c/o Shepard Exposition Services
5845 Wynn Road, Suites A,B,C,D
Las Vegas, Nevada 89118

Direct shipping is not permitted for this event. All shipments must be sent to the advanced warehouse prior to the event.

Discount Price Deadline
for Custom Shepard Rentals
Monday, June 13, 2022

Exhibitor Appointed Contractor Notification Deadline
Monday, June 13, 2022

First Day for Warehouse Deliveries
Without a Surcharge
Monday, June 13, 2022

Discount Price Deadline for Standard Shepard Orders
Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Last Day for Warehouse Deliveries Without a Surcharge
Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Last Day for Warehouse Deliveries*
Monday, July 11, 2022
*Date indicated is last day freight can arrive to advanced warehouse with guarantee of delivery to booth for exhibitor move-in.

One you are confirmed as an exhibitor, The Mirage Exhibitor Services will email you an invitation to set up a username and password to order AV, electrical, and internet. For your convenience, here is the link.

Email  if you have any questions or need your username and password.  

The FreedomFest Forum blog is promoted to all our attendees online, via email and in social media posts. All exhibitors are eligible to submit editorial articles on their area of expertise to the FreedomFest Forum.


  • article of 700 – 1,200 words on your area of expertise (preferably matched with the subject of your session at FreedomFest)
  • articles can be original or reprinted from another publication (assuming you have reprinting rights)
  • 2-3 images are required, but they need to be free of copyright infringement (1000px width, minimum 72pt-300pt resolution, jpg, png or gif) Images need to be under 1MB.
  • Submit images as separate files.
  • We strongly encourage you to mention your session title or booth at FreedomFest, if applicable
  • Submit your blog post as a Word document with images as attachments (jpg, png, gif).  (Unfortunately, we’re unable to create a forum post from a webpage or PDF.)

You will be listed as the author of your article on the FreedomFest Forum.Your article will be highlighted on all FreedomFest social media platforms and emailed out to our entire list.

Booking and Submission:

Please select the date you would like your article published on the following link.

Please note that only Tuesday and Thursday are reserved for Forum Posts (select the 12:00 AM time on the day of your choice to proceed. Your Forum post article is due no later than three days before your selected date.)

Send your article and images to FreedomFest at [email protected].

Gold, Platinum and Diamond sponsors have 50-minute breakout sessions to use for their own programming. AV is provided and rooms range in size from 100-250 people. We make the best possible effort to schedule your session at the best possible time, and without conflicts in terms of competing topics.

Platinum and Diamond sponsors are also scheduled for main stage general session panels and interviews, ranging from 5-30 mins depending on the size of the panel. We work to schedule these for best possible impact and time to follow up in the exhibit hall. General sessions in Main Stage 1 will be broadcast to our livestream audience.

Breakout Session and Room Set Up Information

If you have a breakout sessions with your sponsorship, review the following details:

  • Breakout sessions are 50 minutes long; we recommend leaving 5-10 mins at the end for audience Q&A
  • Rooms are set up in theater or classroom style, with capacities ranging from 75 to 200. Main Stage 2 has a larger capacity for a shared general session.
  • Rooms are set with standard AV: Screen, projector with HDMI connectors and mics for the main podium, panel table and audience. Bring your own laptop and any adaptors you need for your laptop.
  • With the exception of some financial sessions, all breakout sessions are audio-recorded (video-recorded and live-streamed on Main Stage 1) so sessions can be sold after the conference. This improves the exposure for your breakout session.
  • We recommend making sure you and all audience members speak clearly into the mic.

If you need additional AV, or wish to make arrangements to do your own video or audio recording, contact Encore:

General Session Appearances

For general session panel or stand-alone speeches on Main Stage 1, please have speakers arrive in the backstage area, accessible through the back left corner of the exhibit hall, AT LEAST 30 MINS ahead of the scheduled panel or speech start. There is a green room backstage. THIS MAY SEEM EXCESSIVE BUT THE CREW NEEDS TIME TO PROPERLY MIC EACH SPEAKER AND THE STAGE MANAGER NEEDS TIME TO BE SURE EVERYONE IS PRESENT FOR A TIMELY AND PROFESSIONAL RUNNING OF THE CONFERENCE.

Provide visuals or presentations (jpg, pptx, mp4) to the sound board at the back of the house in Main Stage 2 at least 30 mins or more before the start of your session.

Additional information will be sent directly to speakers. Moderated panels will be coordinated in a direct email to all panelists in early June.

Attendees use the printed program throughout the conference. Promote your booth, session, product, organization and more in an ad in the printed program. Available in 1/4, 1/2 and full page sizes. Premium placement gives highest visibility and has limited spots available.

Platinum sponsorships include a 1/4 page ad. Diamond sponsorships include a 1/2 page ad.

Ads due to [email protected] by June 1.


1/4 Page – $295
(3.85″ x 5.35″)

1/2 Page – $495
(8″ x 5.35″)

Full Page – $995
(Trim size: 9″ x 12″ Live Area: 8.25″ x 10.25″ Bleed .125″)

Full Page with Premium Placement – $1995


  • PDF or jpeg formats accepted.
  • Include/embed all artwork and fonts
  • Max density (total coverage area) is 300%
  • Image resolution is 300dpi, Line illustration is 2400 dpi.
  • CMYK or grayscale only. Convert any spot colors to CMYK.
  • Do not use characters such as (“()&^%$#@!{}[]|’:; in file names

Stand out even more with a program bag product or other printed insert. Diamond and Platinum sponsorships include a program insert. Program bag inserts can be added to a sponsorship for $795. Email us at [email protected] if you wish to add this to your sponsorship package.

Small products, merchandise, publications or promotional items are welcome. Sponsor is responsible for printing/manufacturing and shipping/delivery by deadline.

Quantities will be confirmed by early June but sponsors should anticipate sending approximately 2500 items. Shipments must arrive between May 30 and June 20. Shipments arriving after June 20 may not be included in the program bag. Please email [email protected] with your shipping information, including tracking info and PDF of your bag insert.

Shipping Details:
Opportunity Village
 Attn: Malcolm McCollum/Sr. Operations Manager 6300 W. Oakey Blvd.,
 Las Vegas, NV 89146
 Ref: Name of show

Special Discounts!

Order your printed materials from one of our preferred vendors and receive a discount on your printing charges.

Use code B1230 for 10% off your order. Order online at or contact Jennifer Stratton at  to place your orders.

Diamond and Platinum exhibitors have general session digital ads that appear on the main stage screens throughout the conference days. Other exhibitors can purchase a general session digital ad for $795 before April 17, $875 after April 17.

Logos or simple visual ads with minimal text work best.


  • 16×9 ratio
  • 1920×1080 resolution (or better)
  • JPG or PDF format, vector files also are accepted

Submit to [email protected] by June 30.

Platinum sponsors will be highlighted in at least one major email blast in the months leading up to the conference.

Diamond sponsors will be able to send a dedicated email blast with their own content to our attendee list either before or after the conference.

A limited number of additional email mentions ($395 before April 17, $435 after April 17) and dedicated email blasts ($1995 before April 17, $2195 after April 17) are available for purchase.

Specs for Dedicated Email Blasts:

  • content copy (700 – 1,200 words) 
  • 2-3 images free of copyright infringement (1000px width, minimum 72pt-300pt resolution, jpg, png or gif) Images need to be under 1MB.
  • Submit images as separate files.
  • We strongly encourage you to mention your session title or booth at FreedomFest, if applicable
  • Submit your email content as a Word document with images as attachments (jpg, png, gif).  (Unfortunately, we’re unable to create a forum post from a webpage or PDF.)

Choose Your Maildate:

Use the dates provided on our calendar to select your preferred date for your dedicated email blast. We limit the number of emails per week to protect the effectiveness of the list.

Submit Your Content:

Submit your content  at least one week before your selected mail date to [email protected]

One of the most effective ways to maximize your FreedomFest exhibiting experience is to be able to follow up with the people who stop by your booth or attend your session through the Cvent LeadCapture system.

Using their handheld device or your own phone/tablet with the app, you can quickly scan any attendee’s badge and obtain important contact information (such as email, phone, city/state/zip, full name) when they stop by your booth.

We recommend you sign up for your LeadCapture license(s) now. Just go to the Cvent Exhibitor Portal and select the “Buy Licenses” option from the homepage.

There will be a dedicated Cvent LeadCapture technician onsite as well, to help you with any logistical issues.

Once you return home, you’ll be able to download all the leads you captured during your conversations at FreedomFest and follow up with attendees from the conference.


Early Bird Pricing on License with Scanning Devices ($299.00/each)

JUNE 15 – JUNE 29
Standard Pricing on License with Scanning Devices ($349.00/each)

JUNE 30 – JULY 13
Last Minute Pricing on License with Scanning Devices ($399.00/each)

If you are going to use your own device with the app, there’s no deadline with a related discount. To order your Lead Capture License or Device ($249/first license, $149/additional), please go to the Cvent Exhibitor Portal.

If you have any questions, email [email protected] 

Make a stronger connection with donors, members, supporters, investors and clients via a hospitality event. Plan a hosted luncheon, breakfast, reception or suite before, during or after the conference day.

Contact us at [email protected] or call 855-850-3733 ext 203 to discuss the best options for your hospitality event.

*For Diamond sponsors only. Each Diamond will be able to select an exclusive and highly impactful premium branding benefit on a first-come, first-serve basis. Diamond sponsors must email their top two choices to [email protected].

Choice Options:

    • App Branding – your logo exclusively appears on the FreedomFest app
    • Registration Kiosk Branding – your logo exclusively appears on the splash page of all registration kiosks
    • Website Footer Branding – your logo exclusively appears on the footer of the FreedomFest website until the end of the 2022 conference
    • Program Guide Cover – your logo exclusively appears on the front cover of the FF22 Program guide
    • Lanyard – your logo exclusively appears on all badge lanyards
    • Program Bag – your logo exclusively appears on the program bag
    • Badge Branding – your logo exclusively appears on all badges
    • Entrance Unit – your logo exclusively appears on the event space entrance unit

Custom Add-ons
and Enhancements

For Sponsorship Expansions, please visit our become an exhibitor page.

contact us

Contact Valerie Durham, Executive Director, or Ned Piplovic, Exhibitor Liaison, at [email protected] or call 855-850-3733 ext 203 to discuss your sponsorship at FreedomFest.