The Punching Up Comedy Festival is FreedomFest’s celebration of satire July 13-16, 2022. It’s a no holds barred attack on political elites, political correctness and those who aim to create a humorless society.

Featuring Liberty Comics

John Cleese - Brittany Hunter - Dave Smith
Camilla Cleese - Lou Perez - Rosie Tran


I'm Offended!

A conversation with babylon bee sponsored by young americans for liberty

When Telling Jokes Gets You Canceled

Stop Joking Around

Lou Perez – Camilla Cleese
Dave Smith – Rosie Tran
Satire is our greatest weapon

Punching Up

Kyle Mann
using comedy to promote liberty

Laugh it up, libertarians

Lou Perez – Dave Smith
Brittany Hunter
Friday, July 15

50 years of satire
and free speech

John Cleese

Comedy Show

This is a special event you won’t want to miss! Brittany Hunter hosts this night of stand-up comedy, featuring Camilla Cleese, Dave Smith, Rosie Tran, Yoshi Obayashi, and Lou Perez. Seating is limited; two drink purchase recommended.

Caution! You will be entering a free speech zone!
Friday, July 15, 8-10 pm

To attend this optional special event, you must add the $50 ticket to your registration.